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Two cities on the Kymijoki River in South-East Finland

The Kymijoki Two Cities cycling route starts at Kouvola railway station and heads south along the river. Along the way, you will feel the history, the rapids sparkle and your mind and body relax. Along the route you will find large paper mills, small rural villages with fields, and many beautiful rapids and riverscapes. In the southern part of the route, at Langinkoski in Kotka, you can hop on the Tuula boat, which takes you to Katariina Marine Park, and continue along the parks and seashores towards the centre of Kotka.

The average pedal time from Kouvola to Kotka is two days. On arrival in Kotka, cyclists can return to Kouvola via the same route or alternatively take the local train. But if you're not up to it, you can continue via the western fork of the Kymijoki River (Hirvikoskenhaara) and explore the two ruins created by generations of patrons. The route ends in Kouvola. The route brings you face to face with the past and the present. This section of the route offers a charming combination of the industrial history of the river valley, beautiful grain fields and nature. The duration of this section is 2-3 days.

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